): SAD EMO Quotes :(

The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

I cry for the time that you were almost mine,  I cry for the memories I’ve left behind, I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new, I cry for the times I thought I had you

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can’t always see The pain someone feels

Whats the sense of wishing for something when I always just wish it away?

Every night i talk to the stars pretending its you.. it acts just like you tho.. far away and never replies to my questions

Why do people tell you to believe in what you want to but then tell you not to believe in the one true thing you do believe in?

Times a precious thing to waste, but friends are more precious

The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

Do not assume that he who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. His life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, he would never have been able to find these words.

You wake to suffer through the day.
Trade a dream for the pay.
Well here’s the fact, I hope it sticks.
You’re just alive out of habit.

I swear to you on everything I am.
And I dedicate to you all that I have.
And I promise you that I will stand right by your side.
Forever and always until the day I die.

Hate can be a positive emotion.
When it forces you to better yourself.

I will not be broken.
I am the one.

Just live and breathe.
And try not to die again.

Don’t lose touch with life’s reality.
Compensate for life’s stupidity.

My heart bleeds no more.
Now it’s been turned to stone.

Leave me alone.
Don’t come any closer.
I’m so alone.
And you call me a loser.

There once was a time
When silence meant nothing to me.

These questions in my mind
Are so much bigger than life.

I need not your wicked weapons.
my war is not with someone like you.

staring at the world.
through the hole you.
put through my head.

I might look young.
But I’m no less defeated.

Just talking with my shoes.
Converse with my Converse.

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410 comments on “): SAD EMO Quotes :(

  1. _rHaiXAh iS luVing CriS_ says:

    ..im not an emo, but im truly amazed, inspired and wakeD by their quotes and saying!! daMn im luVing emo stuFFs!!!

  2. cRaShLcD says:

    EmO rOxZ…!!!

  3. patience says:

    I hate being emo, but i cant help it. It’s an addiction.

    • stephany says:

      am not emo!!
      bt ppl made me emo…!!

      • sheenae says:

        .wheew!dats complicated. .like me =[

      • kasie says:

        you know nobody can make you emo but yourself im sorry to say it but you became emo on your own i thought the same thing 2 years ago but now i am understanding that i became emo on my own … =3 get over it

    • sabrina says:

      YES that is so ture i use to be emo and some times i still am so i guess i am still emo. Anyways what you said is so ture once you do it, it is like you can’t stop it is like you want more and more……I hate it too but i rather hurt myself then hurt some one else and it is a easy way to feel better….But I try to think who is it going to hurt and what is going to come out of it…..And yes i have people judging me for it to but i really don’t care any more that much…

    • sabrina says:

      you can email me if you want

    • nema says:

      All my friends are emo….i care about them they care about themselves……they don’t realize im slipping away right through thier fingers…..

    • Stormy says:

      Emo is not an addiction .. emo is not even something, so you like being addicted to suffering? To being an outkast … councilling and medication? Goodjob lmao.. your officially an idiot.

      • river says:

        Some people see beeing Emo as an Addiction just like people who self halm feel as tho they are addicted to that.
        how ever it dose not help you acting like a fool and treating people who are infact Emos like there nothing.
        manners cost nothing but it is clear that you posses none to speek of.

      • annabella says:

        Maybe we don’t care anymore, its our lives so mind your own business

      • katelyn says:

        ST%FU you dont know anything
        Listen here Mr. Im douchbag people out there dont choose to be fucking EMO. Its people like you who do it! but wait it cant be you…Because your just a fat ass who sits on his ass all day eatting fried chicken waiting for someone to get online so you can actually think you have a life! so before you start spouting nosense look at the lives of people who get pushed in to cutting and hurtting themselfs….Cause honestly your a dick…..but wait did I forget to metion the people who died because of comments like the one you made!


      • ashlaaynicole says:

        Emo is a lifestyle choice. We don’t choose to suffer. Speaking for myself as an emo, and maybe for the rest of the “emos”, is we quit on trying to make life better. We quit because there’s no hope. There’s no such assurance that life will get better. So instead of hoping, and getting crushed over and over again, we simply just stop caring. We may be outcasts, but do you think we actually care about what people think of us? Haha, no. So you can try telling us we’re idiots, when really, we’re just trying to get through to day without falling apart. So if I were you, shut the fuck up? Ok?(: Don’t hold strong opinions about things you don’t understand.

    • holly says:

      theres nothing wrong with being emo…its amazing

    • tseten says:

      its not addiction. its just a state of mind when u feel lonely in this fucking world.

    • krista says:

      i feel for you i hope you find some way to get over that. I have may friends that are emo so i know your struggle………. just know that there is SOMEONE out there praying that you will get help

  4. mcr says:

    i love it……….

  5. Chaz says:

    sweet i like it

  6. imnotaemo says:

    i m not a emo…but i m fed up of hiding my pain. fed of the fake smiles with tears inside me….with the pain i always go through…does this mean i am a emo???

    • laauraa says:

      i feel they same way some times i sit there and think to myslef am i emo or am i not but i guess i am with the tears i cry the words i do not speak and the scars up my arm and the only time im ever happy is when im bleeding watching the blood run slowly down my arm im ethier emo or emotionaly confused, </3

    • Kaysee says:

      All That Mean’s Is You Have Emotion’s. It Dosnt Mean Your Emo. Everyone Has Emotion Just Not EveryOne Show’s Them. Like I Dont Show My Emotion, i Lead Everyone On To Think That Im Alway’s Happy But, Truth Is I Never Am, I Just Want To End It All.

      • emo30 says:

        so in all reality you are EMO<3… u just dont dress or look like one….. like was said EMO=EMOTIONAL… so technically if u are emotional u are emo… so u can really tell anyone that they're emotional and not emo because then ur jus makin urself look stupid because u know that emo is in fact being emotional…the ones who u say are stupid are in fact not because they can be themselves and show themselves and those who cant are jus scared

      • confused says:

        i feel exactly the same… i m sad all the time from the inside but i pretend to be happy in front of others and don’t don’t show my true emotions. it sux… deep inside everything is killing me… it hurts so much… i don dress or look like *emo* i m just a lonely confused person and i want this all to end!!

  7. lizbeht says:

    hella badass … im not emo but this pic roxz

  8. michelle says:

    um yea all this is deep n i dont like being emo but i cant help it its my only way of taking all my sadness out

  9. Cayden says:

    emo 4ever

  10. Kassie Powell says:

    im emo and its no fun my life is ruined but ur not the one who did it to meh this is how life goes on get hurt and dont die emo is to life as life is to love love is to hurt hurt is to be wit the one u true love for ur life he or she u will find the one dont forget it cuz its wat u need love live bearthe im here for u never forget it talk to meh all u want im here for u and thats no lie

    • emo chicky says:

      omg same it suck im losing everyone i no 😦

      • Lexxstisy says:

        hello my name is Lexii, 🙂 you can count on me, i’ll be a good friend 🙂

      • RenaSouless says:

        Hey my name is megan, And i am a total emo chick and i wouldnt change that..but i understand ya kno about the pain being a total out cast..and not really understanding y..idklike ur a person too its just ppl can get over you no the cloths and the make up but i personaly LOVE it..and all that shiz lol…so yeah u can e-mail me if you need to…im a good listener

  11. Allison says:

    Why succumb to the pleasures of life
    When we could succumb to the pain?

  12. kayla says:

    im emo and all and these quotes r so true its scary its exactly how we feel and ppl just need to deal with it and shut their mouths

    • the unherd says:

      im emo to and its trueer the ture we feel like this all the time.. and it hurts even more when people say we dont hurt.. but really they dont know wat we feel like cuz they arent us!

    • heather says:

      hey im emo and i hate wen ppl judge me for who i am….its not my fault my life is ruined

    • RenaSouless says:

      You kno they never will..idk ppl are afriad of what they dont kno..the too chiken to embrace the diffrent..idk its odd

  13. k'tel says:

    i can feel it.

    i’m an emo!

    welcome to this world.

    leave me alone:/

  14. yannina says:

    why is it always the ones who we love the most don’t even care, but the ones we don’t even care about are te ones who care about us the most?

    • sabrina says:

      I hear you on that I was in love with this named rey and i thought he loved me the same way but it turned out he didn’t. Then i was with this guy that i really didn’t have strong feelings for but he fell in love with me. i hate life so much i wish it was so much easier!!!!!! But if need any one to talk to write me at my email.

  15. yannina says:

    does that make me emo??? :-\

  16. left w/ hatred says:

    loving him is like scratching the scar,
    and letting it bleed again

    • kimikyubi says:

      i feel like I’m bleeding to death then… i love him even tho he used me… he told me “i love you with all my heart” and i believed him… why do people do this? i feel like I’m dead emotionally…

      -love me for who i am, not what i have done-

  17. fallenAngel says:

    Some of these seem to have more of a gothic edge to them. I don’t clasify as emo because to me, that’s just another label.

    • the unherd says:

      ahah you wouldnt know wat emo ment.. you dont see us as the ones who have the fucked up lives or the ones who go through alot and fight our way through each and everyday! your life is most likley GOOD.. and you dont have the troubles he doo…..

  18. sometimes saying “goodbye” is a painful way of saying “i love you” .. (T_T)

  19. jefer says:

    Being with the one you love is the time you treasure the most, but being with her not knowing you at least exist is such a shit!

    • chelsea says:

      judge me and ill prove u wrong, tell me what to do and ill tell u off, say im not worth it and watch where ill end up. call me a bitch and ill show u one fuck me over and ill do it twice as bad. call me crazy, you havent seen anything yet.

      my fave sayings: oh dont worry, you didnt break me. no. you completely destroyed me.
      the saddest part isnt that with each passing day i feel like i need u more but its the fact u dont need me at all

  20. evilangel says:

    woah…weird! hehehe:P

  21. angela says:

    i cry every night under my pillow with my head under it and i ask my self …why do people say the things that turned out knives through our heart everyday…when our close one’s hurt you …why do people like to betray others? why! why! why!..? now nothing can’t be changed my heart has no feelings of love or happiness left for my self just empty ..

  22. sally says:

    im fed up of crying hiding pain withing me.
    i feel like dying:(

  23. aarroohh says:

    ang kyut aman ng mga quotes :]

  24. MhyLeNe.. says:

    _ if i was a crayon i`d be white ,so i would never be used and i would never get BROKEN….

  25. tiredd says:

    i am emo… this is the first time i’ve admitted it because i have seen the effects of people’s stereotype. i don’t want to be labeled but i know i already am, and these quotes are true. every word.

  26. SOME1 says:


  27. fhaye says:

    ahmn..i’m an emo gurl..i lub the quotez..and i want more sad quotez..can you pls make some quotez about how i treasured my friends so much and how i loved them soo much.but they never made me feel that i am important and they love me.they just remember me when they need something…..plz make also some quotez for a broken hearted gurl like me..


  28. Lexxstisy says:

    Emo 4LiFe </3 I love Nathan

  29. JoeTheAbandoned says:

    I’m a peron who are no friends,not talented in everything and i dont have the sense of humour…my classmates does’nt want to talk to me …my family dont care about me..i’m feel like killing myself, i felt too alone…i need someone to help me…i think i just cant take it anymore…

  30. Neil says:

    “I want to run so far…. forget everything keep on going until I fall to the ground… I just want to be alone and be a whisper in the wind , I want to sit and stare at the ocean and wonder what it would be like to sit next to you… Holding your hand and hear your heartbeat so close to mine and feel warm inside for the very last time- heartbroken”

  31. batang kuryente says:

    im not emo but im pretending to be happy but deep inside i get hurt i want to be happy but theres no reason to be happy, last time i commit a suciede but nothing happen im still alive why do i do im tired for being me, for being hurt of anybody shiiiiiiiiiit…..

  32. hurt in side says:

    i dont consider my self emo but im called emo(just another label) most of these quotes and stuff is scary like me lol but life does suk every once and awhile

  33. hurt in side says:

    im gonna draw a picture,
    a picture with a TWIST……..
    ill draw it with a razor
    blade, ill draw it
    on my WRIST

    tell me if you like i didnt make it up i just like it:)

  34. cheyenne says:

    life may be rough but when u find the one u love it wont be good i no,love is the strongest word i think to meh it is but u can never ever now untell u r in to deep and then ur stuck

  35. brooke says:

    when life gives u lemons u make lemonade when life gives u me u make taers so now im drounding in a pool of blue thanks to u

  36. brooke says:

    as i run away as taers fall down my face i try to keep them in but not any more no i half to waste taers on u for i know u are not whearth them but at last when u save me from alot of sadness in others eyes i realies that u r worth them u r worth ever bite of my love and my life and sole

  37. cheyenne says:

    deep inside i feel the pain rising but it wont stop coming up i wish it would stop but it wont stop because i love u and u no it and u make meh sad when u smile and i want u but i cant have you and u make me crazy cuz u act like u like meh i feel this deep pain eating away at meh.

  38. brooke says:

    as i know u are all that is and more to others as they belive u r a god for i can only c u as is for u are the most scrude up person their is and as they whership u i wonder in the corner if u really r happy and as i know u are most likely not i hoped one day u r with me in ur arms

  39. cheyenne says:

    in my heart i feel this pain that eats away at my soul i feel like u like it when im sad but u no i hate it but when im around u i have to be happy cuz i cant help it i love u

  40. brooke says:

    as i almost plumet to get ride of my emoitanl pain u tell me how much i mean to u so i slowly back away and when u tell me u love me i run back as fast as i can hopeing to u will be their to hold me now the pain is gone as i stay in ur arms

  41. cheyenne says:

    u say u love meh but when u look at them i no ur lying and thats wat kills me inside

  42. cheyenne says:

    i smile and say im ok but when u see the pain in my eyes u no im lying

  43. brooke says:

    as i cry of the pain u caused me as i cry of the the horrible things u brought me as i cry as when i told u i loved u but u never told it back as i sit their makeing a pool or taers to tell the truth wich makes me cry more i end up droneding even more that before but before i go in to the litgh u save me and tell me u love me and forever thine forver mine forever ours

  44. cheyenne says:

    i can tell u love when u smile and tell meh u love meh but i cant tell when u dont cuz im so in love with you and its sad i cant help it but sometimes i wish i could

  45. cheyenne says:

    giving up doesnt alwayz mean ur weak sometime it means ur strong enough to let go xp

  46. brooke says:

    as we danced thourgh the night as if we in the sky i tell u i love u and u say but i dont so then i begin to cry so i run as far as can but once i reach the ocaen i c that i could die but i ceep on going till u stop me almost a mile way from shore and u tell that u do love me but u where scared to say it before

  47. brooke says:

    as we sit their kissing on the shower u tell me u love me and more but as i try to respond i love u to i can do is kiss u

  48. cheyenne says:

    after awhile u learn the diffrence between holding hands and falling in love u learn that kisses dont always mean somthing and prommies can be broken as soon as they r made and goodbis forever

  49. brooke says:

    we sit their as the sun sets i tell u r all i want and more but tell me that im not what u r looking for i run as fast as i can but i cant get to far so i make it to a cliff and as i jump something saves me its u saying i love so dont kill me by dieing so please stay with me and i repley i love u too and as i get pulled up by u we kiss and u say i love u too

  50. brooke says:

    as u sit their with some one else who is sopposed to have it all i notise u looking at me and i dont look away and as she trys to kiss u u push her away we run twards each other and kiss and the sun sets as she runs away in pain u say i love u and i reply i love u too forver our love last and may we be togher forever

  51. cheyenne says:

    how meant of u have just want to just drop off the face of the earth how many of u have put a gun to ur head but never pulled the trigger how many of u cut ur wrist to make the world go away how many of u have carves the words to lie to others how many of u have been called freaks how many of u have shown ur true side how many of u have u have been turned down by some one u loved how many of u have wished life would end right now how Meany of u have who wholehearted opened up to someone how meanly of u rlly read all of this if so ur stronger then other living person on this planet may god or sateen bless u undying un forgiven and unloved

  52. brooke says:

    as i sit their i pain i slit my rist and i c u tomorrow and u wave and i say hi u say good bye as i stair at u with lust as u walk away i cut again and use hairspray then u come over to me tnhe next day and we chat away u say please dont cut ur self i reply ok i c u the next day and u go away no i live in a world of pain and im gone u say y i wanted to tell her i love her to day as now u talk to my grave every day and i smile in heaven btw i wished that never happen and one day u see my gosht and i say i love u too i wish i could say and now i c u every day

  53. cheyenne says:

    u said u loved meh y did y lie

  54. brooke says:

    my love is as much as the burning sun and the day we sant on the bench near the beach i tell u i love u u say u to i say u dont love me u say no i do i just said it i say no u said u to and u say truth is i dont so i run as cry and think y y y and i realized that the truth hade come so i run and then i see a cliff so i cant stay i must keep runing my haert says though my mind says stop i keep going i scream as i thought i was falling i opend my eyes and c u u still say i do love u but im not good at saying it i say u just did and i ask if u just said it because i jumped off the cliff and he says no ive loved u seence the minute i meet u and i say me too

  55. cheyenne says:

    u trip mehh call meh names in the hall i still keep walking with my hands in a fistand words stick to my mouth and i bit my lipto keep it closed knowing if i say a word u ppl will tell u wouldnt take it like a man…. take it i take it everyday of my life wats so rong with having a bff like a sis do u have a friend that cloes like ur sis i bet u do but u dont get called lez and emo u dont have ppl saying u madeout with them i get called emo cuz i use to be upset my reasoing .. y would u care i have broken pices of glass thow at mehh in class and told to go cut ur self u dumb emo EMOS such aa stonge word with alot of meanings emo does not=cutting cutting does not = emo i cry my eyes out almost everyday it hurts to smile or even look at myself and i hate that fml

  56. cheyenne says:

    im ok thats wat i say but i never am

  57. brooke says:

    sa i say to u i love u and thats all i want u say i love u too as we dance through the night i relized that u where not fine so i crying u scream nooo wait but my haert over powers my mind and i keep going as i sit on the beach in high tide in a storm i wonder y yyy would he lie to me the and ass this big wave came and whashed me away in the ocean thinking i was dead i c u and u came to save me as u where siwming u grab me and swim faster with me on ur back and ocean we reach showr u say y did u run i said because u didnt mean it u say who told u that i say the who loves u too and he says never trust her i love u and meant it so dont kill me by dieing ever again

  58. brooke says:

    i was a very happy person until the day i was u walk by in the hallway i dont know why but every time i c u i begin to cry as i run to the bathroom and i begin to ball. i lock my bathroom stall and her u out side the bathroom door u say “y r u crying?” i said”becaus of what u did to me now i cant be happy when i c u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” i yelled and then i came out with taers on my face and all i could say is “y did u do this to me?” he said “i dont know y u are so sad but the only thing i can say i every time i see u my haert stops and I LOVE U” i began to cry but with taers of joy and i kissed him and said i love u to he said ever thine ever mine and i replyed ever ours!

  59. brooke says:

    as i love a person who us to love me every time the walk by me in the hallway i stare at u with lust hopeing one day u might c me and now jow i fell about u and fell the same back and i hope one day we can be togher but i c u would never want a person like me so now my haert is in to many pecises to count and now i cut mt rist and then u talk to me the next day u hate me so from now on i cut my rist so u will at least look at me and then i wonder if he will miss me then u say no the next day i jump off a cliff and u c the news and u go but i love and loved her and now i c u every day and smile in haven but the truth is i love u to one day u come to my grave and writen in the sand bye me and it says i love u to and this is what u put me through

  60. brooke says:

    as im full of happyness and joy i cry almost every time i c u or think of u so i manly cry cuz i think of u all the time so i ball every time i c u with her she who does not deserve u u are all the grils god all they think about but when i think about u i think of the things u did to me like manly breaking my haert all because u said u didnt love me so now i want to plumet to a straight dieth i try my hardest to not think of u so i can not cause sadness in others eyes hopeing each time i go i pretend that u back on land so i run back but then i know ur not their so i get back and began to cry till one day i go to the edge and run back and i go back to the house and then i c u on the way hiding hopeing that u saw non of that so when i go back the next day i c u their and then i find out that u sand on the edge and i c that u stand on the edge to but u pretend im on the other side and i c u scares and i c u about to jump and i scream nooooooo and begin to cry and as he hears i run to him balling and say dont die i love u and dont kill me by dieing so please stay he says i love u too and kisses me and now their is no deoression

  61. jenny says:

    despite all my rage i am still just a rat in a cage

  62. cheyenne says:

    i loved u and u broke my heart by cussing mehh out and saying u hate mehh </3 i use to love jon

  63. brooke says:

    my life was all i wanted till i saw u yesterday out of the blue and now i cant stop thinking about u now my life is boreing nothing that want is here now that u r in my world but ur floting in my sky y o y do i not c cus ur out of the blue and now i dont c u and i live alone as my world turns to stone cus thats where u left alone and now i torcher my slrf now that ur gone and now im gone and i c u every day from heaven

  64. xx_heartbroken_xx says:

    I promised I would die for you, but I never meant like this.

    I had to let go of the person I love yesterday. Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to. She destroyed me. I did nothing less than my best to hold on to her. I just have to forget her which is pretty much impossible. I lay in my bed and cry. But I smile even though tears sting my eyes. Sing when I feel like screaming. And running when I cant even crawl. Im an emo through and through.

  65. daryl says:

    ya know life sucks when people call you emo im not i just like dark colors and like to cut my self

  66. For some reason…..ppl have been taking emos as another
    stereotype……. that’s where they’re wrong…..emo is a state of mind…..not because we wear dark clothes, wear eyeliner, slit our wrists and listen to sad songs…..(I hate ppl that label other ppl)

  67. david says:

    emo’s an emotional, its a characteristic of a human being :(…..like me 😥

  68. xxxSHYxxx says:

    i wait for the right guy and he never comes will i ever find him noo ill die alone and cry my eyes out and cut my wrist ill be alone and when i think i find him he lets me down and i cry some more and cut some more x( death or life for me death

  69. brooke says:

    im sad because of u u tell me u dont love but a few months later i fanally move on i get a new life love heart and soul and ur amasing u cant destroy my life with one minute and 3 little words in five minutes im crying over in the corner a mile away from the cliff i run out and kept runing and then i almost ran off just about the edge about to fall stairt into the water bellow and i almost fall but something saves me and its u i say why did u tell me now ive loved u sence the minute i meet u he pulls me up and says do u really love me and i kiss him and reply i do.

  70. xxxSHYxxx says:

    u said we would be togeather forever and then when u left me i found out it was all a lie and u broke my heart into many little peices

  71. xxxSHYxxx says:

    i ask u if u love me and u look at me and say i do and i no ur lying and i say it to and u get up and leave weeks later i ask again and u say i love u so much and i still no ur lying and i cry myself to sleep and i keep up with ur shit cuz i love u so much u dont even no it

  72. i hate egofreaks… ppl who get on sites && post shitt like “hey im emo”.. fakes.

  73. daisy says:

    {3m0 1s @ws0m3}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>………..

  74. stephanie jesso says:

    so wat iam so wat iam not cool i dont need all these things to rule my world i no iam not popular i no i dont have very much freind but i do wat i want the best that i cann

  75. xxxSHYxxx says:

    you broke my heart and put it back togeather and broke it againg and make me think u like me and i no u dont and i cry cuz u never will

    • marlana says:


  76. xxxSHYxxx says:

    u broke my heart and put it back together and broke it again and u act like u like me but i no u dont it kills me and i try no to act like i like u but o well it never work and i cry

  77. ivan says:

    i am emo…..
    i cabt help it coz i cant help myself

  78. Kia says:

    i am emo cause life made me this way and now i have been hurt the people around me and also myself

  79. rain says:

    i’am an emo ….

  80. lety says:

    i liked this pic

  81. XxxShyxxX says:

    O can’t trust you anymore I did and all that happen was I got hurt more then once you thinki would learn but I never did and still haven’t but I think I no now ur not then one fo me but I wish and I’ll cry but rlly I hide the tears and just walk around sad cuz y cry it Wont help nothing not at allbut I’ll just stay out of your life so youcan be happ and it will kill me but as long as ur happy idc about wat I fell

  82. ~~~cihiain~~~ says:

    i know u dun wanna gimme damn but that’s thing i need to know ” dun u think so? ” …. if ur ans ” yes” , all the things we were trying are useless…. but still can’t help loving ya…

  83. person says:

    why do i feel the way i feel. I getting closer and closer to letting this all go. =/

  84. Kaylie(atrueemo) says:

    Most of you are rediculous. a lot of you are NOT emo and dont even understand the definition. if you think emo is cutting that is the biggest poser and so obvious to a real emo you mid as well put a label on your forehead. and if you say someone “made you emo” and “your always depressed” then you are NOT emo. any real emos out their wanna talk you can email me itskayliebaby@yahoo.com and posers, just stop because you cant fool the real emos.

  85. darling says:

    i love this emo sad quotes coz i can relate my self being sad and broken hearted emo…after reading this quotes i realized am not only one in this world ….

    • pareqoh diaz says:

      I am not totally an Emo….but when I read all the quotes, I realized I’m belong to this world!!!!
      because the one that I really loved, is the one who ruined my life!!!:x

  86. angel says:

    i like it here is my quote: the saddst part isnt that with each passing day i feel like i need you more, but its the fact that you dont need me at all…..

  87. xxxSHYxxx says:

    idk wats rong with me i going out with u but i love them

  88. Fck.like.anyone.cares. says:

    i cut my self and it feels so good. my scars are scary to my friends and they say that i shouldnt be doing that and that i have no reason to be doing that. and that pissesme off. they dont fxcken know how i feel and what makes me cut myself and the pleasure i have cutting mysself. i want to yell in their faces at how they need to back-off and leave me alone. but i dont, i never have. instead i smile and say im ohkay. and then shrug it off. and just like that it doesnt matter anymore. i hate life i hate living, suicide sounds nice. but im too chicken to do it. i know i havent explained my life so dont be thinking im over reacting. fck off.

    • Desiree says:

      same there my friend hate when they see my scares.

    • kaleb says:

      im the same way and just wanted u to know ur not alone in this fuced up sh#t hole of a world i dont cut myself with razors or slivers of broken glass i cut myself with pices of my broken heart

  89. xxxSHYxxx says:

    crying doesnt help anything it just makes ppl ask you wats rOng when you dont wanna tell them so ill just keep it in rathere then be asked waTS RONG ALL THE TIME

  90. arvin says:

    im arvin from pangasinan
    i believe n lht ng tao nagbabago…
    maaaring mahal k nia ngaun bukas
    hindi na im stil hurt right now khit isansg tAOn n din sense ngkhiwalay kmi im still loving him kht n maging tanga ko kaysa sa magpangap ko n nd ko xa mahal peo darating din ung tym n mt2ngap ko din lahat2…..
    visit in my f.b gsm_85@y.c

  91. BOO says:

    ppl say im a try HARD but im NOT just coz im turning emo coz my bf broke up wiv me ove 7 times still likes me and my life sux!!!!!

  92. ScreamDreams says:

    People say I will get over it
    But day-by-day it hurts a little more
    The pain subsides
    and so does the scars
    But i hide them so Impetuously
    That people Just wonder why you wearing a long sleeve

    Unanswered Question
    So i just turn and walk!

  93. paige eisler says:

    i know that if i intervine in ur suicide, you’ll never thank me for it later, but i’d rather have you hate me all our lives than have you blame me with the last breath of your life

  94. Edward says:

    That’s true for me too, xxxSHYxxx

  95. emø bøy says:

    once ur emo ur always emo even if u stop cutting ur self

  96. emø bøy says:

    if u really love some one u will always love them even if they brake ur heart u will love them with all the shatered pices

    • **Love**Sukz** says:

      i agree emo boy….once u love some one u always will and ppl cant help it if cuttin themselves helps….i my self have wanted to but i get scared…and i cant manage to do it…but one day all this pain will manage to eat me up till i end it….=\

  97. Nadiya says:

    I’m Nadiya,
    And i’m only 14.
    I do not consider myself being emo,
    but there are feelings inside me,
    that are undesirable,
    I sit in my room, against the wall, i cry, and cry until i cannot anymore.
    I go to school, and take a look at everyone,
    wow everyone seems so happy :\
    why not me?
    I have tryed praying to the lord.
    But nothing seems to be changing. I can’t take this anymore. I want to be happy, because we only get to live life once. But im always just so sad, and when i’m in fights with my parents, man oh man. It’s just not me 😦

  98. cris says:

    jjajajajajajaj im not emo but some times i think it will be better if i just die no one will care any ways ):

  99. ellamae says:

    i love to read this kind of quotes. because im a lonely person. just add me up. people_change29@yahoo.com thanks.

  100. xEmOgUrLyOuMuRdErx says:

    i just wanna say if you dont believe you are Emo then you arent really,. everyone goes through pain and misery every day and some have it worse than otherzzz and just cant deal with it,..,i mean meh i have an abusive father who completely makezzz me miserable and i have only about three friendzzz and i have drama and pain that i dont let anyone see not becuase im afraid to let someone know im in pain and not because i dont want them to ask me whatzzz wrong, most of the time i want to that someone can see through the mask i wear every day and someone who will actually care,. and i hide my pain because i want the friendzzz i do have to know that no matter the issue or anything they can alwayzzz come to meh for help,..,my family too for that matter,. my problem really is that i truly care too much even about the people who hurt me soo much all the time,.and i wont lie i’ve had millionzzz of momentzzz where i take that beautiful razorblade and i just cut up and down my armzzz and i’ve had momentzzz where if someone wouldn’t have found me i would have died,..,and truly i wish that no one would have found meh but i just dont know what to do,..,i hide my pain behind fake luaghter and lies and inside im slowly dying,..,but idk,..,for some stupid reason im still here,..,half because of a promise i made to friendzzz that dont even care,..,and in case you for some reason dont know yet yes im Emo and i truly am what people consider mentally and emotional ‘insane’,..,and yeah i’ve been sent off quite a few timezzz,..,

    -*Murdered Emo Girl*-</3

    • kim emo qirl says:

      same here i know how u feel.. n true if no one have coug=qht meh i would have been dead by now n i truely wish i was dead..

  101. madline says:

    i love your pome thy make me cry they r so cute that my sister is tird that i allwas cry cus i love them/

  102. jaryd says:

    why do u gyes even go here if u were realy emo like me then u wood not have to come here but i only came here cuz my “””lover”””sed to

  103. Destiny says:

    i no how u all feel i was molsted 2 monts ago and todaymy dad told me to go kill my self i no how u all feel

  104. Destiny says:

    i want my life back
    i want to get outta here
    please dad dont
    dont leave me

    (dad says)
    no i dont want you
    your a mistake
    your dead to me go kill your self
    you will make
    everysone life so much better

    daddy no please no dont leave me
    i love you
    dont say thos thing
    that u dont mean
    Daddy Daddy don’t leave
    I’ll do anything to keep you
    Right here with me
    Can’t you see how mu[Verse 2:]
    Now she hasn’t slept in weeks
    She don’t want to close her eyes cause she’s scared that he’ll leave
    They tried just about everything
    It’s getting harder now
    For him to breathe

    (dad says)

    i need you guys to help me finish it add me if u need to talk Destiny_Fick713@hotmail.com

  105. EMO ROCKSTAR says:

    AWESOME….but sad…:(

  106. Wei~_~ says:

    im emo forever EMO

  107. Emo qoute says:

    I look at the picture on you and thinking “Why did I make you cry? Why did I make you feel this suffer and pain? Why was I so selfish?” I hope you will forgive me on day 😦

  108. Destiny says:

    thank you

  109. I’m also an emo…
    can I join you?

  110. **Love**Sukz** says:

    yea that iz very cool and yes very sad

  111. glenn says:

    huhuhu ganda talaga ng emo quotes lalu na kong broken heart ka (//_+)

  112. James Rea says:

    I wasn’t an emo..but my friends brought me over to this side, i see now, im in the light, this was the path i should have gone down 🙂
    EMOz are amazing i love them so much ❤

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  114. *lulu... says:

    it’s simply fantastic…
    it is quite simple but yet
    it cough my lonely heart..

  115. candy says:

    guys.. add nyo ko sa fb…

  116. what makes me EMO is that i fight being EMO.i smile and i’m ruled by my EMOtion.silence comforts me.i’m in love with music,she breaks my heart.

  117. xammax says:

    Not all scars and wounds can be seen by our eyes, sometimes you have to feel so that you can see what’s within(//^)

  118. bleedinglove says:

    i hate being emo..but my personality,and style shows that i am emo…now i love being emo…i enjoy it…being alone is my favorite tym…

    • marlana says:

      i qot my heart broken 2 and i never knew how bad i could hurt never knew it hurt that bad until i felt it for myself and its so hard because i was falling so fast and hard for him and he tore me 2 tiny pieces

  119. nancy says:

    da happiest moment throughout ma day is seeing maself bleedin. I hope i cn die sumday soon seein maself bleedin to death.

    • marlana says:

      i feel this all the time i wish and cry and shout,yell,and shout why dont i die already i just wanna be qone

      • tasha says:

        i get what you’re saying. everyday, i just wann sleep and never wake up again– just close my eyes and forget about the world… forget about living. But then i think of all the kids like me.. who are looking for someone who can encourage them. Thats why i live… not for myself… but for kids like me who need a reason to live.

  120. nancy says:

    m an emo. I juz cry till i gt xhaustd. I find maself alone. Wen i go to skool i find ppl smiling. Sumtyms their smiles juz makes me frustratd. I wonder wat makes dem smile bt again i realize wat makes me sad. I cut maself n i find it pleasure doin it. Da red blood running down ma fingers is da only thin dat makes me happy. M such an ugly bitch dat da prsn whom i hd lost ma hrt didn’t evn thot of me as worthy of his time pass. No1 has eva said those 3 magical words whom evry gals dream of. Evn ma family thinks dat m ugly. Sumtyms i try to end ma lyf bt ma fate alwz cums as hindrance. I hv alwz been a kind of an outcast. Ppl judges me 4rm da way i luk. Dey call me a freak bt dey dun knw me n da pain i go through…

    • marlana says:

      i understand you i can actually feel what your feelings and sometimes i just get so down and dont even know why and just start to cry and im scared of who or what i am because i just dont know anymore

  121. Brokend011 says:

    On the day you went away
    How you broke my heart in two
    I still see the snow falling in this January moon
    But those days have come and gone
    And I’m better off aloneThan I was with you 😥

  122. Brokend011 says:

    And even though the feeling’s been gone, I just wanna be here
    To pick up the little pieces of remains
    I’m going down, the plane is smoking
    And the only one who can save me is you, but you want to
    Throw me away:'(
    bfc_gendra@yahoo.com add me in fb!

  123. alyssa says:

    i love it………………………..

  124. natalie says:

    damn dud this emo stuff is so AWsum! i love it i mean i wasnt Emo bt i am one now! its like evryting in my life jus belongs 2 emo!!! i try 2 stop it bt the more i try the more i want it! im addicted 2 it!!

  125. bigbertha says:

    im emo because i dress all black & im gona cut myself….i get sad sometimes but only when i get my feelings hurt…nahh jk i just want attention >:D LMFAO!

  126. emily jackson says:

    so real makes me relize something when i read this

  127. eM♥vAiN says:

    long live emos ! we’re born to be alone but we’re different! yeahh! 1 ❤ being an EMO … (///_+)

  128. ЄṁØvain says:

    hey badass out there! everybody loves being an *emo* ..
    be proud that we’re different ! yeahh ! forever EMO ❤

  129. rhenx19 says:

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  130. AngelHeartBreak says:

    You are all stupid you can cuse me out for saying that but a real person who actually has the problems that you lable as emo. Would never talk about it on a website people who are actually “Emo” don’t talk about you all are just looking for attention. Get over youselfs.

  131. Zius says:

    I’m Zius Jalipa
    I’m 17 yrs. old.

    I’m love Emo because
    No one love me so Much

    So if you want me to be your friend pls..
    Add me in Facebook

    My E-mail is :



  132. abir says:

    Iam emO girl ^^
    i love this quotes : when i say I’m screaming in the silences you left behind ..♥ and I’am drowning in all the tears i never cried ……..♥

  133. junicks says:

    let me drown u in my t8rs im alone..(T_T)

  134. grichelle ann says:

    isn’t it hard to be an EMO? just a lil bit curios. u know, stuffs like this. i consider myself not an EMO tho sum thinks i am :0

  135. marlana says:

    im loosinq my way and im scared i do thinqs ive never done and never would have thought of myself doin and im scared that im qonna fade away soon i dont even noe if im emo but i do know i dnt cut but i feel emotional pain and it actauly makes me feel physical pain i wish i knew what was wrong with me and why it is that im so sad and depressed all the time

  136. marlana says:


  137. darkemo7513 says:

    these quotes moe me to the point of emotional collapse. i am emo and proud of it. pain feels good….

  138. Chris Jefferson Constantino says:

    first of all…


    i’m Chris, i love being and EMO person because…
    i was hurt so badly, every night when i think about her makes me Cry all night…

    i was hurt because she’s with another guy and their both so sweet together…

    no matter how long it takes…
    >>>I will still love her<<<

  139. Elmer says:

    i am tired being alone…. in_seventhheaven@yahoo.com

  140. meggy says:

    “Count me in…,i`m also alone…
    T_T ,so sad…,keep in

  141. meggy says:

    add me on FB ,biomind_koski360@Y.C

  142. kim emo qirl says:

    i aqree dont say bad stuff about us bc we r born wit it we cant do anythin about it its just the way we r.! now them ppl who cut them selves n say they r emo there just wanna bes.

    • Courtney says:

      2 words >>> Piss OFF!!!!
      People like you are the people who drive us freaking insane with your vanity. You people are so self centerd and oblivious to other people around you.
      Its not fair for you to judge what you know nothing about…

  143. allie says:

    i hav to strongly denie that fact u dont know the shit ppl hav been through just because u hav some physical scars u were born with doesnt mean u should take the anger out on anybody else
    ❤ emobois

  144. Happyoutside SadintheIndside says:

    Kala ko ako lng ang emo…
    ang dami pa pla dito..
    sana meron din mga emo sa school namen..
    para may kasama ako maglaslas..umiyak..ect.

    Add nyo na lng ako sa Fb:

  145. mark says:

    why do you people do such thing like this!! u can enjoy ur emotion..sa ibang paraan at inde nadaan sa paglalas las!! tignan neu ako!! emo ako pero iba ang emotion na pinapakita ko!! porket emo!! emotional na agad!!
    =) long live emo!!

  146. tseten says:

    i consider myself as an emo coz i have faced so many difficulties because of her.but she ditched meh and left for another guy.

  147. rain says:

    hi (//T)
    …so sad…


  148. rain says:

    add me in Fb izzle_avril@y.c

    ..(//T)..born to die..

  149. shruti rockzz says:

    emo love heartzz rockzzzzzzz

  150. Courtney says:

    Ugh, I am sooo confused…
    I feel so depressed all the time and I cry sometimes, I listen to Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate ect and my favourite colour is black, BUT I don’t cut myself…Am I emo or just emotionally confused? … Keep an open mind, I do everything and feel everything an emo person would, but I don’t harm myslef, I want to…but my parents would send me to a counciler, and I don’t want to go to those places…Help???

  151. k'naan says:

    i think i want 2 be emo

  152. There’s no such thing as too much pain..No matter how much we hide from or try to get rid of it..The truth still remains that PAIN is a reminder that..We are alive..We’ve been in-love..And we have survived..
    So.. are you in pain?I Know i am

  153. Shikarasu says:

    Just let me walk to the dark road,
    Cause you wrote my name on the tombstone,
    Please, I beg you, just let me rot,
    Cause you killed my heart and now I’m all alone..

  154. carmen says:

    you people are all crazy i just like the pic but u liked it so much if u were lonely and no one loved u i think cause u are a emo or your man thats why even people doesnt now u so dont be an emo cause of that just bealive me if u want to know mre add me on yahoo

    bye, rember what i said

  155. elli says:

    All of these quotes are amazing because I’m also alone… 😥 email me…

  156. kr1sten says:

    !m al0ne t00…..=)

  157. rolly says:

    EMO is just a passion..
    and it’s not an addiction….

  158. rolly says:

    im not EMO so…
    but i luv emo…there looks and also a sad song..
    add: me on FB and YM….

    email: rolly_blen71@yahoo.com

  159. Lloyd Gomez says:

    broken hearts are like broken mirrors

    its better to leave them broken

    than to hurting your self fixing them

  160. Lloyd Gomez says:

    add me up at facebook
    don_paikot16@yahoo.com thanks

  161. Lonely emo gurl says:

    parang ako.. ;(

  162. vladie says:

    hehe! add my email.. alone?? 🙂

  163. Ellen says:

    The real pain for me is when he leave me,not by walking away but leaving me for good.I don’t why life is so unfair, why does it has to be when you are just happy talking about your futuresthen someone called saying he’s gone.I felt like i wnat tofallowhim but can’tand i don’t feel that i can stilllove someone.For me heis the only one i could ever love..

  164. Elli says:

    you guys are gonna make me cry! 😥 i know exactly what you all are talking about. I live at a friggin orphanage and i have a son and a fiance’ that live nowhere near me. i’m 17 and my parents are fkd up they don’t give a damn what goes on with me. I’ve tried to hang myself and I’ve been cutting since I was 12. but ya know what IDGAD about what other people think of me. I’m me not you so fuck off EARTH!

  165. if your sad like me then add me (prototypelover@yahoo.com)http://www.facebook.com/home.php



  166. khen says:

    hey … pwede makipag kaibigan sa inyu d2 ?? ^^

  167. angelo says:

    jsut wanted to say it’s been good when you had experience about breaking your heart…

  168. rhen martinez says:

    ahmmm wala lang … masasabi ko im lonely…

  169. ryan says:

    I am aLone!!!

  170. Rain Wolf says:

    I may be sad but im happy being emo cuz its not what i want to be its in my blood i love meeting new people like me cuz they understand me unlike most people i dont care what other people think cuz this is the way i am theres no changing me. You can torture me i’ll just enjoy the pain kill me youll grant my wish so no matter what you do ill find a way to enjoy!!!

  171. Soph says:

    alone as always, left to myself and my best friend razor blade. i didnt choose to be like this, my friends actually pulled me into it, then times became tough so kept on cutting

  172. Soph says:

    has anyone ever felt so alone and invisible that their chest hurts and their throat burns? thats me.

    add me on face book: Sophie-Lee. Carmody. dont let the profile pic fool you, my mother made it she doesnt aproove of what i have become

  173. Soph says:

    my pics a flower now, a skattered flower

  174. Poul Reverente says:

    im also alone. . .

    :((((((( sarap tumambay sa walng tao cnu sama. 🙂

  175. dopdop no says:

    being an emo person is not good to anyone coz it’s a way why we think about killing ourselves because of the emotions that we had…for me,, just feel the pain until it hurts no more..!

  176. rash says:

    masarap dw mging emo ee..

  177. Samantha Geiser says:

    We the people like to cut like to die love to cry……

    Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you. But the roses are wilting the violets are dead the sugar bowls empty my wrists are stained red.

  178. malha says:

    this is cool.
    love emos.^^

  179. kaira says:

    Sick Of Crying Tired Of Trying Yeah… I’am Smiling But Inside I’m Dying…

  180. lizzy says:

    “you said you loved me then walked away i chased after you and all you can say is ….. hey”


  181. Elli Nichole Hamm says:

    you guys are my passion. Any emo person is my love. You guys are amazing and just because things go wrong, doesn’t mean you have no one to talk to. I myself am emo. I just recovered from suicide attempts so I know what you’re feeling. Which is why if you guys ever need to talk, you can email me… ellinichole2013@yahoo.com Love you guys!

  182. Emilee Zaborowski says:

    you said you’d care, but you lied. You said you’d love me, but that love died. I said I’d care, and I said I loved, and all you know, is I was there. 😥

  183. -MonZ- says:

    …” I thought love would make life easier, it only made it worst”‘..

    if your EMO be free and be who you are…
    BEING EMO ROCKS..!!!!!!!

  184. -MonZ- says:

    …Its me just a person standing in a corner of my room and trying to kill myself of regreting being inlove with Daisy… T-T ..

    if you Want to add me just.. find my name … Ryan jay A. Cornelia,, my Profile picture is to two words i’m stupid….!!! T-T

  185. cloeeh78 says:

    How to be come a real 3Mo?????? i think i fall inlove to be an 3mO…..

  186. nex says:

    ,,…smiLe are nO moRethan empty lOve..,,,,

  187. nex says:

    i need a friend add me on my fb acct,,,nex buhay

  188. patrick says:

    oy cno makakausap dya?

  189. patrick says:

    dont say you know me,
    i dont know my self

  190. patrick says:

    A broken heart,
    A broken dream,
    A daughter’s pain,
    A mother’s scream,
    A bathroom sink,
    A sharp razor blade,
    A teenage heartache,
    A deep cut made…..

  191. patrick says:

    Tears slowly run down my face,
    Tears my heart will forever replace,
    Tears that have no end,
    Tears only your love will mend,

  192. patrick says:

    Why do i starve myself?
    Is it to match the feeling in my HEART?!

  193. Angel-Lynn says:

    ❤ EMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  194. im soo tired of waiting !!!
    i just need somebody !!!


    this is my pic.

  195. it really hurts more when the one u love left u even though he loves u too 4 da reason were not mean to be

  196. vlad says:

    i love emo

  197. Emptyness says:

    I truly hope that someday, people will see the hurt behind these words.

  198. vanessa says:

    “How do I take you out of my heart without tearing it apart?”
    Add me on Facebook: nzzy333@live.com
    Emo…I hate being called that but I also hate that I’m starting to believe what they say! I’m not suicidal, but I’m afraid I will become that way!
    My wrist and legs are cover with cuts and the scars slowly fade away! But I feel them there everyday…my heart still beats yet it breaks, I can’t keep living life this way. I hate who I’ve become.. I have no idea what happened to me! Who I em?. 3(

  199. this page is amazing im a facebooker and emo so if anyone wants to add me look me up im jeremy urian malepeai

  200. loo says:

    im emo but i don’t want to be emo so why do i still cut myself is it cuz i want to fill happy yes that is it but why i dont like being this way my family won’t talk to me anymore so i cut myself more and more and one day my sister said if i don’t stop cutting i will be in a nut house well i thought she was full of shit and she wasn’t and every day i was in there i known i was going to go home no i was wrong and i went to a place for win familys not want there kid they leave me and never come back and the family im with now will hit me if they see a cut i need help 😦

    • emo2death says:

      This isn’t helping I kno. But….b4 my dad walked out on me,he would cuss me out…. so would his gf they would pick the lock on the door to make sure I wasn’t cutting. I kno wat situation your going through. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU!! 🙂

  201. loo says:

    please help me tell me what to do please.

  202. JuniX' Chin says:

    ..4 evr emo………..!…

  203. JuniX' Chin says:

    .fAlliNg inLoVe 2 aN emo!…………..

  204. jomz21 says:

    i reaLly love EMo qoutes

  205. anonymous says:

    If you truly love someone don’t hesitate to tell them how you feel, because sometimes broken hearts are caused by words unsaid.

  206. person says:

    I don’t like pain. Pain tells us we are still alive.

  207. Reisa says:

    it feels like your alone even when your not but you know somthing is going on when you here the wisphers and see the stares. It drives you nuts. It drives you to be alone. So you start felling the pain, making it real. Some of us dont have a reason, but they know what everyone else is going through. Thats me, its driven me crazy but i hide it knowing people will just say its not me, even if they dont even know me.

  208. azirzzz says:

    ako always emo! huhuhuhu so sad kasi

  209. azirzzz says:

    hehehhe,,,, sad,,,, din,,,,,,ako ahay,,,,,,,,

  210. Elle says:

    I feel so alone. My friends and family don’t know that i cut. I have to be somebody that I’m not. I have to act happy. I have to dress a certain way. I have to act a certain way. All because everyone i know judge people like me. I’m tired of acting. I have no true friends that understand.

    • Elli says:

      you’re not alone. I did the same stuff. Just be who YOU are and not what others want you to be. Love yourself if no one loves you. Because, well, I don’t know you but just by reading your comment and seeing your hurt, i love you. I’ll be your friend. 🙂
      Love Always,
      Elli Miller

  211. vanyssahj says:

    I really hate to live alone, but its better than being hurt again and again .. T_T add me in fb lvanich@yahoo.com tnx

  212. kyrida says:

    someone plz add me. i’m emo and proud

  213. matsuki says:

    ako din emo yon yung wish ko sa sarili ko………………………….:'(

  214. Rowena says:

    I am so sad and alone.My someone had left me.sad

  215. emo2death says:

    Since me being Emo,its harder than you think.When you preps go thinking this s*** is funny,its not.Emo is hard it makes you think that life is meaningless.I’ve been Emo for almost 3 years.So don’t go thinking this is funny because its not.

  216. cHacHa:) says:

    I LIKE BEING EMO!!!!!!

  217. cHacHa LoVe PoY:) says:


  218. elias says:

    i`m so alone!! ;((

  219. Elias ( Eli ) says:

    i`m so alone!! ;((
    cno pde kxama???
    add me(FB)
    pkilala k ha ;(( !! . . . .
    tnx !!!!
    and txt tau girl !!!!!
    i`m Boy !!!


  220. GB says:

    Me 2 I’m also alone 😦
    Add me mellejor97@yahoo.com

  221. ziek says:

    say:: where same im alone too.!!!

  222. CASMIR says:

    Im not emo
    Im just me

  223. dark_devil says:

    i’m so tired of loving him . i need rest . 😦

  224. 8chanxkiLLs says:

    i hate my self and i want to die,,can someone join me to hell?
    Follow me

  225. Pessimist says:

    Okay, I’ve cut myself before and all that shit. But guys I found a better way… just build a wall around your heart. Because, in the end, they can only hurt you if you let them. I don’t understand why you guys say that you don’t care anymore and yet you are all depressed and cut yourselves. That means you do care. A lot.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. I guess I’m not truly an emo.
    I’m not depressed, just angry.

  226. Mae says:

    .im single nOw and i wanted to be al0ne ..

  227. jay says:

    in my whole life i got sadness from everywhere my friend and my best friend all left me
    tht i my fb link add me i want to becom emo

  228. gloomy_sun says:

    People understands emo.. when they started to felt it.. ,, its the feeling of loneliness and suffering.. within a hatred dimension…

  229. Misa-chan says:

    Breaking Up . It happens kind of suddenly. One minute, you`re holding hands walking down the street, and the next minute, you`re lying on the floor crying and all the good CDs are missing 😦

    I`m alone … add me on fb oriechii_otaku27@yahoo.com

  230. Only_Hope says:

    … Count me in…

    All these things i’ve been trough..

    Happy new year..

    Life suck’s… Tsss..

  231. emoxemine says:

    my hart is black. my soul white. my mouth is closed. my eyes shine bright. my past is clear. my future a fight.

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