WIN OR LOSE (Unknown Author)

Whether you win or lose the game

Don’t be too proud nor hide in shame

Someone must lose

Someone must win

For game results are all the same

When you happen to have the luck

Befriend your foe and do not mock

With hurting words please do not stab

For you’ll cause pain inside his heart

And when defeat becomes your fate

Hold your tongue and never hate

Smile pleasantly and merely wait

For luck will come some other date


Personal Note: This is a poem recited by my daughter together with her classmates at their school program.


7 comments on “WIN OR LOSE (Unknown Author)

  1. sharmishtha says:

    fantastic spirit. loved it. thanks for sharing.

  2. I love to compete at everything and find that it is always best when the competition is close win or lose.

  3. takade says:

    superb…….someone must have to win or lose.thanks for the post.

  4. Natasha Rain says:

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    Thanx for sharing it.
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    a very well written article, it made my heart rest till the very last word. Thanks a lot>

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